Proposal for an airport coin/cryptocurrency exchange machine.

Millions of dollars worth of jet fuel is wasted each year carrying loose change in the pockets, bags, and wallets of airline passengers. This dense metallic weight adds up across the whole plane summing to a value that is certainly not negligible, especially over a full year with thousands of flights.

My proposal is simple: Install coin collection boxes in airports allowing passengers to trade their change for an equal amount in cryptocurrency, using their phone to make the transfer. Passengers are rewarded with slightly more crypto for the more change they provide, incentivizing them to remove as much of that metallic weight as they can. Recently ICO’d cryptocurrencies can use these collection boxes as a promotional opportunity, offering passengers a bonus if they choose to cash out to their token. Airlines across the entire airport terminal would benefit in tremendous jet fuel savings over the course of a year. At the same time, cryptocurrencies in general will have another mainstream use case, bringing attention to the growing pursuit toward decentralization.

Airline terminals should consider offering coin collection machines, as they are something that would certainly improve the satisfaction of their airline clients. Best of all, it helps international travelers reduce economic waste by trading in foreign coins for a digital currency they can actually use at home. Coins could then be recycled to provide change liquidity to all vendors within the airport, perhaps enabling passengers to spend crypto at these vendors. In the rare case that an airline needs to offer meal or hotel vouchers, this method of crypto distribution could be the perfect solution.

Journalist, entrepreneur and student - Boston College, University of Otago. Adventurer and consultant for conducting business in Asia. Ethereum tips: muse.eth

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