Introducing the Ethereal Place

The Ethereal Network Surfer — What it is, and why we need it

The Ethereal Network is a web of creativity hosted on the Muse platform, made possible by the Ethereum blockchain. Muse seeks to inspire the artist within everyone. Our multiversal gallery bridges the gap between known realities such as the physical world, digital realm, and ethereal plane. The Ethereal Place is where it all comes together. Ethereal Access Points in the real world provide keys which can be entered at the Ethereal Network Surfer. This is one of many ways Muse art can be enjoyed, and I will go into more detail below regarding Ethereal Access Points.

Homepage of the Ethereal Network Surfer

The network is built around the main hubs of a few websites, including,,, and From there, the network branches into obscurity. There are hundreds of rabbit holes to fall into and explore, and as we continue to develop the network it will only become more robust. The Ethereal Network Surfer is our attempt at a browser for the Ethereal dimension. We believe this dimension is coexisting and codeveloping around us, and our goal is to access and enjoy the beauty of such an interesting quantum concept! Muse has partnered with multiple digital and physical artists to create artworks for display in our gallery. Art is not the only object accessible through the Surfer, however. We have built a complex web of interactive internet content only accessible through the Ethereal Network Surfer.

Ethereal Acces Point

Many of the pages are accessible only to viewers present in our physical locations. By entering the codes found at these locations viewers can access ‘rooms’ within the ethereal realm. Codes will be displayed on real life sculptures, within puzzles, and more. Muse currently hosts one physical location, the Terrapin Station Treehouse Compound. Our second location, 11:11 Camp, will be available in July, 2021 in the New Mexico desert. In addition to these main hubs Ethereal Access Points will be placed in many other locations throughout cities and countryside alike. Our gallery slogan describes it best: “Pay attention to your surroundings. MUSE is among us.”

Visitors to these physical locations will have the option to purchase digital art directly with their phone using Ethereum or credit card, with similar options available for the physical art on display. As we expand our network Muse will continue archiving the collection on our proprietary Ethereal Network.

Muse Locations in the Physical Realm

Terrapin Station Treehouse Compound is our first and only currently open real-world gallery. It displays four real-world art objects that are connected to objects in the ethereal realm, accessible through the Ethereal Access Points mentioned above.

Terrapin Station Treehouse during the summer. Stay at the treehouse on AirBnB and explore some of the first Ethereal Access Points of the Muse network!

11:11 Camp is a project currently undergoing development near Los Lunas, New Mexico. It will be a sculpture garden campsite complete with an authentic Mongolian Ger (nomadic yurt), sculpture garden, sustainable off-grid features and stunning panoramic views. Muse is attempting to experiment with the world of ephemerality, an artistic medium we believe can be explored in a profound new context as a result of the innovations in blockchain technology. These locations are intended to serve as places for the production of new creative masterpieces, whether they exist in the physical world, sound waves, ether, or beyond. They also provide the proper environment for a ‘reset’ from society, with each location hosting a unique connection to nature. The treehouse is built on a foundation of growing life, for example, and the campsite will be a celestial observation outpost. These features align with our vision to channel the energy of the Muse, while inspiring a new fleet of artists to save the planet.

Header of the Ephemerality art collection by Muse

Network development going forward

As we continue to develop the Muse network we have chosen to open certain parts to collaboration from outsiders. If you are an artist or creative individual interested in contributing, please email with your proposal. We own multiple plots of vacant land that can be used for anything from new construction to earth sculpting, and we are constantly looking for objects to place in our current gallery locations. We are also open to proposals from digital creators and programmers who believe they can innovate the Muse network. All contributions will be forever memorialized in the network and on the blockchain. Join our creative revolution.



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