Finally, a Neutral Argument on NFTs

A deeper look at the arguments and counter arguments suffocating the NFT space

As the hype of NFT crypto art has inevitably blown to out-of-this-world proportions, valid arguments have arisen from both sides. It is an unavoidable fact that every cryptocurrency transaction entails a considerable amount of electricity usage, and as a result, a large carbon footprint. On the flip side, thousands of artists and collectors have built an income stream during a time during which unemployment is scraping all-time-highs.

One of the many hate-mongering articles that has been spread like wild fire throughout social media
My NFT gallery recently announced its Carbon Neutral status. I call on all other crypto artists and collectors to follow suit.
A valid point from Sterling Crispin


We are living in a time of quick judgment, and with social media, people are constantly attempting to prove their worth or be noticed ‘saving the world.’ Many profess that they are open to debating the egregious statements of their argument, yet respond only to those who agree with them. This hypocrisy must end, because one will never be able to win over the other side’s opinion if they are coming to the table with harassment and name-calling.

Consultant at Hitachi Vantara — Boston College, University of Otago. Views expressed are my own, not my employer’s.