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How to stay active, even in your 100 sq. foot apartment

A sedentary lifestyle involves little to no physical activity, with most of one’s time spent socializing, consuming food and media, or browsing a smartphone. While it is important to rest on occasion, the negative risks of leading a sedentary lifestyle are worth considering. Studies have shown that obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer are all possible outcomes from living a sedentary life. In addition, the psychological impact increases the risk of developing a mental health disorder such as depression. …

Crypto NFT art is the new high-growth asset class

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As you may have read in the crypto news, developers of decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain have recently enabled the tokenization of digital art and other collectible virtual items. In the same way that cryptocurrencies have value despite no real, physical backing, digital art ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ have already begun fetching enormous sums on the market. With this technology, artists can tokenize one-of-a-kind digital art pieces with verifiable authenticity and list them for sale. Unlike physical art collecting, artists can choose to receive a commission every time their art is sold amongst collectors. Digital creators of GIFs and other animated…

If these 'real moments of life' are purchased in the same way as material goods, then is that not also a way of filling the void? When Henry David Thoreau describes the meaning of life he would disagree that real life moments can be purchased. He would argue instead that walking down to the local pond is a real moment of life, at least more-so than a group tour planned by someone else. Bring yourself back to childhood, and recall how easy it was to be happy with a friend. When one's admiration of the world is akin to that of a child, it doesn't take money to have authentic experiences with others.

As university students undergo their third semester of the COVID-era, a lot has been learned about the virus. I am senior at Boston College, studying marketing and entrepreneurship. To be completely honest, senior year has been quite dreadful. We live on the sixth floor of a completely full dorm building, in a six-man room. Some classes are completely online, some are completely in person, and some are hybrid. Ten days ago, my direct roommate, the one who shares my bedroom, was called by the university’s contact tracing team. He was in contact the day prior with a friend of ours…

Millions of dollars worth of jet fuel is wasted each year carrying loose change in the pockets, bags, and wallets of airline passengers. This dense metallic weight adds up across the whole plane summing to a value that is certainly not negligible, especially over a full year with thousands of flights.

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My proposal is simple: Install coin collection boxes in airports allowing passengers to trade their change for an equal amount in cryptocurrency, using their phone to make the transfer. Passengers are rewarded with slightly more crypto for the more change they provide, incentivizing them to remove as much of…

Digital art pieces sold as ‘non-fungible tokens’ are shaking up the art world

The so-called ‘art world’ has always carried a prestigious mystique in its name’s connotation, implying the presence of an elite group of nobles, distinguished from the rest in their superior ability of commenting upon fine art. For the select few allowed into the group, purchasing art is simply a diversification of their investment portfolio — an estate they can enjoy for decades, then sell at 500% returns. …

While Galileo will forever be remembered as the breakthrough astronomer of his time, he was only as good as the telescopes he could invent.

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Galileo Galilei

Through the course of his patient observations, Galileo put forward some of the earliest evidence in support of the heliocentric model, proving that other planets revolved around the sun, that the moon was actually an imperfect celestial body with mountain ranges, and that the presence of spots on the sun imply it is not actually an untarnished heavenly body. Despite these cutting edge breakthroughs, Galileo remained bewildered by the shape of Saturn — was there a handle on the planet, or perhaps a series of satellite stars? In this case, he was unfortunately restricted by the technology he had available…

As science has progressed, numerous mathematical patterns have become apparent in nature. The Fibonacci sequence, for example, governs the formation of a spiral — one of the most basic life structures, yet also the structure of our entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Mandelbrot Set describes a transition from order to chaos, and then back to order in relation to population growth. Gravity itself is also an example of math in nature, as it is the force that governs interaction between all objects and even energies.

Through the study of these patterns, scientists have begun to realize that they can be…

Gravity dictates all creation

Let’s start with the beginning of life. The Earth itself is only about 4.5 billion years old, and life began in what scientists have described as a ‘primordial soup’. The first single-cell organisms developed in a soupy organic material, and then these organisms reproduced by splitting one cell into two. Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that minor mutations lead to differences among the population, with some traits superior than others resulting in survival of the fittest. This process reiterated itself billions of times as life grew more and more complex.

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The process of evolution

As cells formed symbiotic relationships with each other, larger…

As I was meditating early this morning I began setting intentions for the day. There has been a lot going on in my life academically and spiritually, so I visualized the word “fresh” with every breath in, and “productive” with every breath out. Upon deeper consideration, these words hint at the very essence of being human. With every breath in, every meal, and every sip of water, we are refreshing our physical body. With every breath out, and every act of creation, we are sharing our energetic life force with the surrounding world.

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Art by Duong Ngoc

Soon, a calmness enveloped my emotions, and…

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